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Great data resources are hard to find. Resources that understand foundational data concepts along with both traditional and modern solutions are even harder. Over the years, the Great Data Minds team has connected and worked with some of the top people in the industry. No charlatans here, just people that know how to roll up their sleeves and get the job done.  We offer the following services:


We have an amazing collection of some of the greatest data-focused minds in the business.


We pride ourselves on making curated connections that create mutually beneficial partnerships.


Our key partners will get you through the tough projects, but we can also help with resources to augment your current staff.


We all know how hard it is to find good people, especially good data people. We have the connections that can help.

Have you seen our lineup of advisers?

We have collected some of the very best Great Data Minds in the business
and wow – this is some hardcore brain power! Meet the advisors


With data innovation happening at an accelerated pace, relying on someone that has “been there, done that” can make your journey so much simpler, easier, and more successful. You don’t have to go it alone.

Design Thinking for Data

The cost of rework can be stifling. We’ll help you get it right the first time. 

Some of the most difficult projects to collaborate on and deploy are data projects. Experts point to many reasons for this: the difficulty of integrating existing business processes and applications, management resistance, and internal politics. The key to a successful project is having strong teams that work together from inception to deployment. Design Thinking supports this and provides a proven way to kick off any data project. This provides everyone involved with vital input and collaborative requirements from the start.

The benefits of Design Thinking include:

  • Understanding of need or root cause through input from everyone involved in the project.
  • No designing in a bubble – everyone’s vision is taken into consideration, encouraging innovative thinking.
  • Ensures the final outcome meets objectives and business requirements.
  • Helps with transformation issues that may exist within a team.
  • Provides an environment that facilitates cultural transformation and truly integrated vision and implementation.
  • Proven acceleration of the deployment of your project.

Great Data Minds Design Thinking Services

Cloud Concierge Services

Welcome to the new world order.

Everything from new architectures and new processes to human enablement has to be considered to claim success with cloud solutions. Furthermore, just lifting and shifting is not the end game; re-platforming your environment provides the most ROI. Our cloud data advisors can provide you as much as a 50% accelerated time to deployment through the use of our best practices, shared IP, transformation services and more.

Our cloud concierge services are for clients that are exploring the use of public cloud including Google, AWS and Azure.

Humans Matter Program

Supporting human resource transformation.

The number one asset in any organization is the humans. Yet, humans are the number one thing that is often forgotten with an IT project.  Transformation is hard, yes, but it’s also mandatory for a company’s survival. With analytics project failure rates of 50% or higher, it’s high time to look at the human impact on failed projects. We believe it is a key variable, one that has to be addressed by management and supported within the program budget.  

The advisors at Great Data Minds have transformed not only their own teams, but also many more of their customer’s teams. Statistics show that 25 to 30% of resources will struggle with change and not be able to support the transition.  If change is implemented correctly, everyone in the organization will feel the rewards and perhaps most importantly, the benefits to your partners and customers will be unprecedented.

Scaled Agile Framework SAFe ® for Data

Analytics as a Product – Safe in Numbers

Digital transformation is disrupting every industry across the globe. Every company is in the software business, especially in the Business Analytics space where agility is an imperative. To avoid extinction, enterprises must learn how to adapt and evolve quickly to increasingly rapid changes in technology and economic conditions. Companies that embrace this urgency to adapt quickly AND change the way they work will succeed. Those that don’t will struggle and eventually fail. So, how do you ensure your enterprise will succeed in your digital transformation?

A Lean Enterprise is a thriving digital age business that continuously delivers high-quality, innovative and competitive solutions to customers and internal stakeholders in the shortest sustainable lead time. Lean Enterprises get results:

  • 10 – 50% happier, more motivated people
  • 30 – 75% faster time to market
  • 25 – 75% defect reduction
  • 20 – 50% increase in productivity

The Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®) for Lean Enterprises is the world’s leading framework for enterprise agility. SAFe® for Lean Enterprises is a knowledge base of proven, integrated principles, practices and competencies for Lean, Agile and DevOps.

Our Advisors are certified to teach SAFe® and guide your enterprise through the successful transformation to SAFe®, developing new “enterprise competencies” that enable a new style of leadership, new ways of thinking and working and a new culture focused on delivering value while relentlessly focusing on continuous improvement.

Modern Data Strategies

Beware the boomerang effect – it could easily stifle your project.

Rushing to new technologies without proper architecture, cultural change, people skilling, process change, governance, and security will result in a Modern Data Strategy that produces technical debt and a platform that quickly becomes the next legacy.

Great Data Minds advisors can ensure project success through modern architectural planning for advanced analytics, self-service programs, application integration, data governance and incorporating advanced solutions such as machine learning/AI supporting all data, big data and even extreme data.

Technical Market Analysis

Helping our clients maneuver the technical data landscape.

The speed to market with new technologies, whether services or technology solutions, is unprecedented. Our research team works on a daily basis to compile our findings and broaden our knowledge of modern data tools. Through our advisory services, we share this information with our clients while taking in key considerations and project requirements. In the end, we can quickly help make the right decisions and even facilitate MVP programs for proof of value.

Our market analytics is in the areas of:

  • Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning
  • Data Curation + Integration
  • MDM + Data Governance
  • Analytics Reporting
  • Data at Rest

Transformation Services

Sometimes it hurts, but change can be very rewarding.

We work with our clients to develop their data capabilities through innovation. This affects all aspects of the organization including new technologies and architectures, processes and team capabilities. Don’t forget the humans – communications and training are key.


Gone are the days of one technology integrator doing everything. If they claim they can, run! With constant changes to the world of data and new technologies and approaches coming to the forefront on a daily basis, organizations struggle to keep up. We help our clients match their project requirements with the firm that best aligns with them. This includes vertical, technology, maturity alignment and more.  

Great Data Minds works with some of the top consulting firms in the country. We know who the players are, who can get the job done and we are happy to facilitate an introduction.  

Our “successful partner” criteria includes:  

  • A strong history of delivering innovative data projects.
  • Certified resources.
  • Referencable clients.
  • Future roadmaps that include innovation.


We rely on our key partners to get you through the tough projects, but if you need a resource to augment your current staff we can help.  Our resources include but are not limited to:

  • Data Engineers
  • Data Scientist 
  • AI/Machine Learning 
  • Cloud Certified Engineers
  • Data Security
  • Data Ops 
  • BI/Reporting 
  • Agile Project Management 
  • more


With all the talk about how good resources are scarce, our connections can help. We apply top data sales and marketing resources to assist you in building your business.