We know the tools and the tech – and here’s our picks for the best of the best.


Semarchy is making MDM exciting again. Our founders have a long history of delivering innovation in Data Integration. So it’s no surprise that we approached data management in a fundamentally different way from traditional products. Rather than assume that Data Management requirements are set in stone with each project that is delivered, we assume that the requirements will change and evolve over time.


Hackolade is the latest venture and product of IntegrIT SA/NV, an IT strategy consulting firm and Independent Software Vendor from Brussels, Belgium, founded in 2002. We’re focused on producing user-friendly yet powerful visual tools to smooth the onboarding of NoSQL technology in corporate IT landscapes. Our software combines the comfort and simplicity of graphic data modeling with the power of NoSQL document databases, in order to reduce development time, increase application quality, and lower execution risks.


Alation is the data catalog where everyone in your organization can find the data they need to collaborate. Alation automatically indexes your data by source. It also automatically gathers knowledge about your data. Like Google, Alation uses machine learning to continually improve human understanding. Use Alation to work better together, use data with confidence, improve productivity, and index all your data knowledge.


Nodin helps you make faster, better, and more-confident business decisions by using AI to automate the delivery of data-driven insights. Nodin’s platform doesn’t simply tell you what is happening in your business. It’s the only analytics platform that tells you why it’s happening and what is likely to happen next, with a level of speed and scale that can transform how you make business decisions.



DataKitchen provides the first DataOps platform for data-driven enterprises, enabling them to support data analytics that can be quickly and robustly adapted to meet evolving requirements. DataKitchen is leading the DataOps movement to incorporate Agile Software Development, DevOps, and manufacturing-based statistical process control into analytics and data management. DataKitchen is for information technology (IT), data warehousing, data science and analytic teams who know that in order to meet the needs of their business, data analytics has to be ten times more nimble and robust than it is today.